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The Origin of Crystal Palace FC

Volume 1

"Amazing research has gone into this book. I never realised the involvement of Crystal Palace in the creation of the game of football as we know it. Really fascinating read." - Stephen Browett

"Steve Martyniuk has managed to lift the lid on a number of personalties that were instrumental in the running of the CPFC 1861 and also the F.A. as one of the founding clubs in the pioneering days of the game, so there has been an extensive look at some people pivotal in the progress of not just the early Palace club, but they way the football as an organized sport was evolving and the various allegiances and also arguments that were in issue in the early days of the sport." - Londonman

"Couldn't let my first impressions pass without comment! What a smashing book. Spent over an hour dipping in here and there and it really is a great effort. Love the style of it - a paragraph or two, then the historical excerpt, photo, diagram or clipping. It makes you the reader feel like you are the one finding the original information and piecing it together, and then the text explains, makes the connections and takes you on the journey of discovery. A really unusual way of doing a book, however thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening. Any fan with a deep interest to learn all they can about Palace would enjoy this book, it is one for the 'thinkers' and curious amongst us, and we are very lucky that this body of work was undertaken. I have a couple of dozen books about the history of the club but this really breaks new ground for me. I cannot wait to start at page 1 now and slowly soak up every fact, titbit and piece of research. What a treasure!" - Dorking Eagle

Why did the Crystal Palace Company start a football club in 1861?
What is the connection between the 1861 and 1905 Crystal Palace FC?
Who were the pioneering Victorian Crystal Palace Footballers?
What was the pivotal role played by Crystal Palace in the formation of the FA?
What was the full story of Palace’s exploits in the first-ever FA Cup competition?
Which Crystal Palace player was capped for England in the first-ever international match in 1872?
Why did the Crystal Palace Company shut down their football club in 1875?
And why did they restart the team in 1895?
Who were the men behind the launch of the club as a professional operation in 1905?
Where did the money come from to launch the professional team?

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Volume 1


399 pages

ISBN: 978-1-68419-797-2

Product Dimensions: 29 x 21.8 x 3 cm

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